Features and services

  • Education
    We provide relevant and specific examples to guide you through the writing process. The Edanz Author Path includes quizzes, videos and educational content to improve your writing and critical thinking skills.

  • Collaboration
    Invite your colleagues to view, edit, and comment upon your papers as you are writing them, or once you have completed a draft.

  • Peer Review
    Respond to comments and questions from journal editors and reviewers using the Edanz Author Path.

  • Project Management
    Manage multiple papers you are writing with your co-authors, wherever they are in the world. Easily organize all of your references, figures, tables and other supplementary files.

  • Expert Guidance
    Do you need help with English? Do you need an expert opinion? Qualified researchers and language professionals are easily accessible within the Edanz Author Path.

  • Promotion
    Highlight your research to the world, your colleagues, administrators, and potential collaborators. The Edanz Author Path helps you promote your paper using social media.

  • Writing
    Securely write your paper online anywhere in the world. View specific examples for your field of research.

  • Submission
    Submit your paper to the journal of your choice using the Edanz Author Path.

  • Tracking
    Keep track of your previously published papers. Determine the impact of your publications with traditional and alternative metrics.